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Exploring Machine Learning Approaches for Classifying Mental Workload using fNIRS Data from HCI Tasks

Johann Benerradi, Horia A Maior, Adrian Marinescu, Jeremie Clos and Max L Wilson
Halfway to the Future, 2019 (url | paper | poster)

Mesure de l’attention auditive par électroencéphalographie (Measuring auditory attention with electroencephalography)

Johann Benerradi, supervised by Maureen Clerc
Archive Ouverte HAL, 2019 (url | master’s thesis)

Decomposition of the Lambda-wave using EEG and eye-tracking data coregistration

Johann Benerradi, Victor Maurandi, Ronald Phlypo, Bertrand Rivet and Anne Guerin-Dugue
Grenoble Workshop on Models and Analysis of Eye Movements, 2018 (url | abstract | poster)