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Research associate in neuroinformatics

University of Cambridge

University of Cambridge ⋅ 2024 ⋅ present

Data analysis and machine learning on the BRIGHT Project.

Research fellow in brain-computer interfaces


University of Nottingham ⋅ 2023 ⋅ 6 months

Design of brain-computer interfaces for interactive music making and mental workload assessment (ERC & TAS funded):

  • real-time processing of EEG, fNIRS and EDA data
  • implementation of robotic arm gestures for making a digital score (UFactory xArm)
  • implementation of deep learning models for controlling robot gestures using physiological data and sound

Teaching assistant in computer science

University of Nottingham

University of Nottingham ⋅ 2019 - 2023

Teaching labs to computer science students:

  • machine learning (3rd year students)
  • data science (3rd year students)
  • human-AI interaction (3rd year students)
  • software engineering (1st year students)

Co-supervision of BSc and MSc projects on machine learning for fNIRS.

Research assistant in signal processing for neuroscience


Inria Sophia Antipolis ⋅ 2019 ⋅ 6 months

Auditory attention assessment with EEG:

  • design of an experiment and EEG data acquisition
  • signal processing and data visualisation
  • study of auditory steady-state responses

Research assistant in machine learning for neuroscience

University of Nottingham

Mixed Reality Laboratory ⋅ 2018 ⋅ 3 months

Design of a fNIRS brain-computer interface to get a feedback on the mental workload:

  • design of an interface enabling to get and process the data in real-time
  • design of an experiment and fNIRS data acquisition
  • evaluation of various classification approaches (support vector machine, convolutional neural network)

Research intern in engineering for neuroscience


Inria Nancy ⋅ 2018 ⋅ 6 months

Analysis of event-related potentials in response to median nerve stimulations to design a brain-computer interface for better monitoring of general anaesthesia:

  • median nerve stimulator synchronization to the OpenViBE software (Arduino)
  • design of an experiment and EEG data acquisition
  • analysis of the first results

Research intern in signal processing for neuroscience


GIPSA-lab ⋅ 2017 ⋅ 2 months

Analysis of event-related potentials in response to eye movements:

  • gaze and brain data acquisition (eye tracking, EEG)
  • signal processing (generalized linear models)
  • estimation of event-related potentials